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The Michigan Titans Basketball Club was first established in 2005. The purpose at that time was to provide an avenue for young student athletes throughout the serving counties of Clinton, Ingham, Eaton, Shiawassee and the Mid-Michigan area, to have the opportunity to learn the game of basketball, to develop their individual skill level, and to compete against other competitive basketball teams around the country. More importantly, the Club sought to emphasize with our student athletes the significance of having a quality education, the importance of physical fitness, and their obligation to be good mentors, leaders, and role models in their community.

The Michigan Titans Basketball Club has now evolved. While continuing to maintain its core values and purpose, the Club now seeks to expand its operations in various facets. Such would include but is not limited to the following:
  1. Student Tutoring Program - Establish programs designed to provide tutoring services to the student athletes who are in need of assistance with their school work.
  2. Health/Fitness/Training Program - These Programs would offer health and fitness information for student athletes to emphasize proper eating habits and care for the body, to provide instruction regarding safe training methods, and to educate the student athletes about the dangers of using performance enhancing substances; and
  3. Community Support Program - Establish programs to engage community youth organizations to participate and refer student athletes for the Titan Club. The specific focus of this program would be to urge underprivileged and troubled youth to engage in activities that enhance self esteem, encourages team work and good sportsmanship, and otherwise deters negative delinquent activities.


What's New


$40.00 Each Person

(You'll receive $20 Player Card  & $5 Food Credit)

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Schools Out Tourny Results

17u: 1st Place BCBS Elite

         2nd Place Oakland Elite

16u: 1st Place Judges Court

         2nd Place Always 100

15u: 1st Place BCBS Elite

13u:  1st Place Saginaw

14u: 1st Place Michigan Titans

12u: 1st Place Michigan Titans

         2nd Place Michigan Dynamite


Congrats to the Champs

17U, 16U, and 15U take SECOND Place , 14U place FIRST in Common Bond Tournament


2013-2014 Tenative Travel Schedule


Coach Contact Information


The Michigan Titans Basketball Club is NOT Affiliated with the L.A. Titans


Congratulations 13U

2013 Final Four (Gold Bracket)

National Championship Finalists


Look who's in the Titan House.....Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert with Michigan Titans player Caleb Fisher as he attends courtside at the 'Schools Out Pre-Nationals' Tournament.



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Charles Richardson
(517) 489-1837

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